Frequently Asked Questions/FAQ

Midoin is a new currency that compared to cryptocurrencies aims to be fun, fast and easy to use.

Only 26 millions midoins are ever going to be “mined” and exist.

Every 1 minute, 1 midoin is produced. The “mining” process is done by clicking as many times as possible every minute. At the end of the minute, all users report their clicks and each user receives his/her share of the 1 midoin based on the number of clicks he/she has achieved.

You first need to download the app which is available worldwide for both iOS and android devices.

If you are on an Android device click here:

or for an iOS device here:

After you download the app, you can to sign up using either your Facebook account or mobile phone number.

We have tried to make it as easy as possible! ๐Ÿ˜‰

As more people learn about and use midoin, we believe that midoins will get more value, meaning that you will be able to exchange them for something or exchange them for money through online exchanges. This has happened to most of the cryptocurrencies, because we all give value to something that is scarce and difficult to find.

On the other hand, as more people use and mine midoins, it will become increasingly difficult to earn or “mine” more. So we believe that now is the best time to earn the most you can.

The value of Midoin (and all coins in general) is not something fixed or predetermined, but rather determined by the markets.

The way other coins are converted to fiat money is through online exchanges or trading platforms. Midoin is a new coin and thus we aren’t aware of any exchanges that have listed Midoin yet, but we believe that this could happen in the future as more and more people use it. As far as we know, the exchanges take the decision to list a new coin based on its popularity, so we believe that as Midoin becomes more and more popular, some might list it.

Being very new though means in our opinion, that now it’s a great opportunity to earn as many midoins as possible, because it will become increasingly difficult in the future to โ€œmineโ€ them as more people will, too.